School Referral Program

Save $500 on your membership at The Virtual High School!

Many of you learned about The Virtual High School from a colleague at a neighboring district or from various association contacts. As a student-centered nonprofit, we truly appreciate your contribution and we would like to thank you for continuing to support our program and for spreading the word.

Take these steps to Secure Your Referral:

  1. Discuss the benefits of The Virtual High School with the nonparticipating teacher or administrator
  2. Register for The Virtual High School Referral Rewards Program
  3. Have the school contact us as soon as possible!

How the Referral Rewards Program Works

Educate a school or district administrator about the many advantages of partnering with The Virtual High School. If the school or district signs a participation contract within 12 months of your conversation, you can save $500 on your next participation tuition!

Terms and Conditions

The Virtual High School Referral Rewards Program begins November 23, 2015. Prior referrals or additional schools within a district or a consortium membership do not qualify. By referring a new school or district, you agree to the following conditions:

  • To qualify, the referrer must register on The Virtual High School website
  • The prospective new school must join within 12 months of their introduction to the program by you.
  • Completed referral form is required.
  • Eligible membership types include 1) a teaching membership with a minimum of 25 seats per semester or 2) a multiple student enrollment membership with a minimum of 25 seats per semester.
  • The VHS Referral Program is subject to The Virtual High School Terms and Conditions and The Virtual High School Privacy Policy.
  • The Virtual High School reserves the right to alter or discontinue this referral program at any time.

Please contact a representative at 978-897-1900 if you have any questions.

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