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Pairs in the Tanakh

Course Developed by: Arielle Gereboff
San Diego Jewish Academy

Tanakh presents us with a rich variety of themes and teachings that cover the full spectrum of what it means to be human.

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Religious Zionism

Course Developed by: Rabbi Peretz Hochbaum

What does the Torah teach us about the importance of establishing a Jewish homeland?

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Course Developed by: Rabbi Tzvi Klugerman

This course will serve as an introduction to rabbinic literature, and specifically, the teachings of our ancient sages as found in the Mishna, the first major written compilation of the Jewish oral

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History Makers of Israel

Course Developed by: Tami Stalbow
Westchester Hebrew High School

Whether you are a great leader or an ordinary citizen, each of us has a part to play in the creation of human history.

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In Search of a Better Future: The Jewish Immigrant Experience in the U.S.

Course Developed by: Ariel Rozen
Beth Yeshurun Day School

The immigrant experience in the United States is part of our shared history. Most Jews living in the U.S.

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Experiencing Jewish Texts and Identity through the Arts

Course Developed by: Dr. Matt Reingold
Tanenbaum CHAT

Art provides us with a lens and a mirror to examine Judaism’s most profound teachings.

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Mussar: Practical Ethics for Living a Meaningful Life

Course Developed by: Rabbi David Jaffe

Why is doing the right thing so hard even when we know what’s right? Mussar (ethics) is the Jewish wisdom tradition that teaches us how to act according to our highest values.

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Making Prayer My Own: Finding Meaning in the Siddur

Course Developed by: Rabbi Hyiam Reiffman
Denver Academy of Torah

Tefillah, Jewish prayer, is at the heart of Jewish observance. And as Jews, we are asked to spend a significant amount of time involved in Tefillah.

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Digital Citizenship and Jewish Values

Course Developed by: Dr. Jack Lipinsky
Associated Hebrew Schools of Toronto

In today’s digital world, most students spend a surprisingly significant number of hours online each week.

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Responsibility and Restitution: Perek HaChovel (Advanced Talmud)

Course Developed by: Sara Wolkenfeld

How do legal authorities craft an ethical and functional justice system that addresses the needs of all members of society?

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A Look at Contemporary Israel through the Eyes of Tanakh

Course Developed by: Rabbi Jeffrey Schrager

In 1948, the State of Israel was established marking the first time in almost 2000 years that the Jewish people had sovereignty over their homeland.

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Introduction to Jewish History - Part 1

Course Developed by Dr. Matt Reingold
Tanenbaum CHAT

Introduction to Jewish History - Part 1 represents the first semester of a full-year exploration of major events in the history of the Jewish people.

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Introduction to Jewish Texts

Course Developed by: Aviva Gershman
Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

Jewish texts are at the center of Jewish learning and understanding.

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