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Flexible Credit Recovery

The Virtual High School offers a unique program that helps students at risk of not passing a course, graduating with their class, or matriculating to the next grade level.

Motivated, independent learners have the option to enroll in one of our flexible courses to help them stay on track.

Enrollment in the VHS Flexible Courses program is on a rolling basis, and students progress through the coursework at their own pace - potentially completing their studies earlier or later than the assigned course end date.

As with all VHS courses, these classes are taught by highly qualified online teachers.


1 Credit Courses Include:
Algebra 1 Flex | Algebra 2 Flex
Geometry Flex | Biology Flex
English 9 Flex | English 10 Flex
English 11 Flex | English 12 Flex

.5 Credit Courses Include:
Health Flex | Personal Finance Flex
U.S. History 1877-Present Flex
U.S. History: Colonial America-1877 Flex

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